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Cosmetic bonding is one of most popular treatments here at Shirland Dental Practice. This simple treatment can transform your smile by fixing misaligned, cracked, worn or discoloured teeth. A strong white composite material is used to improve the shape of the affected teeth. The process involves a high level of artistic skill and the correct amount and colour of dental composite.

Cosmetic bonding is an alternative to porcelain veneers and is the least invasive of all cosmetic dental procedures.

Our Principal Dentist, Dr Hamssa Mansour, has the skills required for intricate veneering and tooth sculpting and has extensive experience in cosmetic bonding. Here are a few examples of her cosmetic bonding work:

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding
  • Minimally invasive (it does not reduce the tooth's original structure)
  • Immediate results (can usually be completed in one visit)
  • Relatively inexpensive and easily repairable
  • Very natural in appearance
  • Pain free (no drilling needed)
  • We guarantee all cosmetic bonding for 3 years
What will happen at my appointment?

Your teeth do not normally need to be prepared and anaesthetic is not usually necessary.

We start by selecting the colour of the composite resin to be used. The tooth surface is then lightly etched which helps the composite resin to bond to the tooth. Next, the resin is placed on the tooth and your dentist sculpts the resin to the desired shape. It is then treated with ultraviolet light that activates the bonding. It usually takes about an hour to complete the procedure.

How long will cosmetic bonding last?

Many people can go for ten or fifteen years and have the bonding look as good as the day it was put in. On the other hand, some people will get staining on the margins of the bonding after a few years and will need some touch-up work.

Dental bonding is not as strong as your own natural tooth. Biting your fingernails or biting on hard foods and substances can chip the bonding. How long it actually lasts depends on how well you look after your cosmetic bonding and your other teeth. Regular dental check-ups will help.

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