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Shirland Dental Practice Dr.Hamssa Mansour
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Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients
Anxious or nervous about dental treatment?

If you are in need of dental care for health or cosmetic reasons but are worried about the treatment required – we can help.

Here at Shirland Dental Practice we understand that not everyone looks forward to dental treatment. We make it our priority to put nervous patients at ease, so that they are able to see us regularly and avoid any major oral healthcare problems. We are sympathetic and compassionate, and are happy to let you take things at your own pace, while offering gentle encouragement.

People develop dental anxieties for many different reasons including the fear of pain, negative childhood experiences and embarrassment. People are also often uncomfortable with the physical closeness of dental treatments. We understand and we are here to help.

Our Principal Dentist, Dr Hamssa Mansour, has an extremely kind and friendly approach and is fully certified by the Dental Phobia Foundation. Hamssa believes that clear, open communication is the key to making patients relaxed and often manages to bring patients completely out of their phobia using this method. She always takes the time to get to know you as a friend and finds out what you would really like in terms of your dental care. Hamssa believes that if you understand your dental health, you are more relaxed and at ease.

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Practice Gallery

Many nervous patients have been referred to us by recommendation and the practice has already built up a credible reputation in the area for treating nervous patients.

What we do to put you at ease…
  • Allocate longer appointment times so you don't feel rushed.
  • Clearly explain the procedures and steps involved.
  • Give you control (if you put your hand up we will stop treatment).
  • Allow you to have breaks during treatment.
  • Always check that you are completely numb before we start the treatment.

We do not offer sedation as we believe that our techniques are a better option to help patients overcome their dental anxieties.

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